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Welcome to my humble homepage!

Hi! I'm Fern. Welcome to my homepage. As you might have guessed, I simply adore Balto & All Dogs go to Heaven. It's the most excellent animated saga in the world.
I really don't have a favorite character(they're all good), but I really love Charlie & Sasha. I think they are the most wonderful couple in the world, followed by Balto & Jenna.

Further ahead, I'll speak about everyone of them individually. For now, go ahead and look around. Please mail me and let me know about anything. Everyone is welcome here. And all e-mail is welcome too. Only one tiny thing, I don't wanna be rude but, DON'T STEAL ANYTHING, PLEASE!!!
You can save anything you want, but don't use it on your own web pages without my permission or without giving me credit for it. I worked a LOT on these images. Thank you. Go on.

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A door; Actual size=180 pixels wide

This is one of the best pics I have of Charlie & Sasha. Cute, huh?

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