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Charlie's Confessions

              Hyaku-Legger's Sasha La Fleur Fan Site
                     "Charlie's Confessions"
                             Written by: Fern (Hyaku-Legger)
San Francisco, California.

Sasha and Charlie had lived many adventures together with David and Itchy fighting Red the demonic feline. Gabriel's Horn was safe, Carface was at long last gone for good, being banished forever in Hell, and Anabelle had opened the gates for Itchy and Charlie to return. Charlie, heartbroken because he had to leave Sasha, had a great surprise when Anabelle gave him a heavenly permission to stay on Earth. Anabelle finally realised what Charlie had been needing all this time, and decided to give him a chance to be happy at long last. She even granted him the greatest honor for an Angel, a wing emblem, which would give him more rank among the other angels. So, Charlie went back to Earth, and found David and Sasha just returning home. Well, David in all case was going home.
Sasha was feeling terribly sad. Without Charlie, she would have to return to her old tool shed in her abandoned yard. Worse still, she would have to live the rest of her life alone, loveless, and without friends or family. Sasha was fighting back tears, but she couldn't help dripping a few. She simply adored Charlie, he meant everything for her, and she had never felt that way for anyone else, ever. What would become of her now, with no one to make her feel secure, with no one to give her a hug, with no one to love her. Sasha's thoughts were suddenly interupted by a strange presence.
She felt something, or someone, coming. Something crashed behind her and David. They turned around, and who should it be, but Charlie himself!
Oh, the happiness that filled Sasha just suddenly. Now, all her thoughts had vanished, and only a lovely, happy feeling remained.

David's parents had taken David into their house, Charlie and Sasha had been accepted as new members of his family, and everyone was happy. Sasha kissed Charlie for the very first time on those front steps of the house. And, finally, it seemed that all had came to a happy ending.

Sasha and Charlie were both fast asleep in the living room of David's house. It was very early in the morning, and the sun would rise in only a few minutes.
Charlie woke up, and stretched himself. Looking at his surroundings, he could see that everything was quiet and still. He looked at Sasha, asleep beside him. How beautiful she was with her eyes closed, breathing softly, with the stillness of the room.
Charlie laid down again beside her, and closed his eyes. He felt happy. He had never felt this happy before. He had never imagined that such a sad life like his would end up here, with someone he truly loved and loved him back the same way.

Just then, he felt Sasha warmly nuzzling him. She had awakened right after he had closed his eyes, and had found herself beside him. She hugged his big arm with both of hers, and lay her head on his shoulder.
"Good morning, Charlie",she said.
"Good morning, Sasha",he answered.

They got up and yawned.
"The sun isn't up yet, Charlie",said Sasha.
"Yeah",said Charlie",I'd really like to see how the sunrise looks from the front of the house".
"Well",said Sasha",that can be arranged."

Sasha walked toward the front door. The key was on a peg on in the wall, and she reached for it. She gave Charlie the key, and he opened the door.
"After you",said Charlie.

Sasha stepped outside, and Charlie followed. The air was clear, and the streets were empty. Charlie and Sasha sat down on the front steps. They were silent for a while. Sasha wanted to tell Charlie about her past life, but she wasn't sure how to start. Finally, after a lot of thinking, she decided to speak.
"Charlie?",said Sasha, looking at him",I' to tell you a few things, about my past life".
"I'm all ears, Sasha",said Charlie with a smile.

Sasha hesitated.
"Well, actually, there isn't much to tell",said Sasha",I lived only to survive the next day. Every day seemed to be the same. Really, I don't have any anecdotes. Ever since I remember, I lived in that old tool shed. Then, one day I just found David there. I had to get food for him, so I tried to find ways to get it. Then one day I was forced to go and sing in one of the night clubs to get food. Let me tell you the truth, Charlie. I really hated that. I hated being watched by all those low lived dogs, I hated them all, but I had to get David some food. Then, you came into my life, and everything changed. It all happened so quickly..."

Sasha paused. She felt she had spoken in vain. There was nothing interesting about her past life, just the everyday routine of survival.
But Charlie was listening very carefully.
"Sasha",said Charlie",you didn't care for your own humiliation. You passed through all that to get David something to eat, not caring how much you hated it. And that is very valuable, Sasha."

Sasha smiled. These words were very conforting.
"There's really nothing grand about my past life",said Sasha, lowering her head",Just that, I use to cry a lot, I felt lonely all the time, abandoned, insecure...I really wished to die sometimes."

Charlie smiled and gently put his arm around her shoulder.
"It's all over now, Sasha",said Charlie",everything is going to be alright. I will take care of you".

Sasha looked up at Charlie's eyes, and smiled back.
"Thank you, Charlie",said Sasha, giving him a little kiss on his cheek.

They just sat there, looking in the distance and nuzzling each other. Sasha was so happy to have Charlie with her. He was so special. Perhaps he had a better past life the she did. She wanted to hear about it. Maybe he would like to share his memories with her.
"Charlie?",said Sasha.
"Yes?",answered Charlie, looking into her beautiful green eyes with a smile.
"How about you?",asked Sasha",your past life. Could you tell me about it?"

Suddenly, Charlie stopped smiling, and looked away. Sasha was startled. Had she said something wrong? She looked at his turned face, and found that it had gone dark and desolate. A tear dripped from Charlie's eye, and rolled down his cheek.
Sasha realised she had made a big mistake.
"Charlie, I, I'm sorry",said Sasha, trying to confort him",I, I didn't mean to hurt you. Please, forgive me. I shouldn't have asked..."

Charlie looked back at her.
"No, Sasha, don't feel bad",said Charlie",you were bound to ask sometime. Maybe that's why I asked you to come here in first place."

Charlie wiped his eyes, and sat up straight. Sasha felt very bad about upsetting Charlie like that, but Charlie took her little paw in both of his, and stroked it softly. This made her feel better.
"Sasha",said Charlie",I have a lot to tell you about my own past life. I really wanted to forget all about it, but I must tell you. You are the most special person in my life, Sasha. And you have the right to know about my past."

Sasha was silent. Charlie's paws felt so nice around her own little one. They gave her a feeling of security, they made her feel accompained.
She hoped Charlie wasn't mad at her for asking. The least thing she wanted was to have Charlie upset because of her.
Charlie seemed to read her thoughts. He kissed her little paw.
"I'm not mad at you, Sasha",said Charlie",I'm happy to have you here with me. At long last, I can speak to someone without fear. I can finally trust in someone I love very much".

Sasha managed to smile.
"Well,"said Charlie",I'll begin my story."

Sasha listened carefully at Charlie's sad tale of his life.

"I'm not from anywhere close to San Francisco. I'm from New Orleans. A humid, gloomy, sad place, full of bad memories it is.
I ran away from home when I was little. Even though I regreted it later, I could never find my way back home. I never saw my parents again, so I had to manage to survive everday in the cruel and unkind streets. Of course, with all the bad influences and me so unprotected and misguided, I fell for them. I was into gambling, and generally doing all sorts of dishonest things.
My business partner was the most rotten mobster of all, Carface Caruthers. He made me think he was my friend, but he wasn't. He had long been planning to get rid of me, so he could keep the casino we owned for himself. And one day, he did get rid of me. Sasha, I feel ashamed to tell you this, but I must. That night, there was a false celebration in honor to me, and I drank alcohol to excess. When I was out of my senses, Carface took me to the docks, and made a car hit me, killing me instantly.
After that, I went to Heaven. Anabelle the angel whippet was there to greet me, and showed me around, taking me to a place were I saw the clock the symbolized my life. It had stopped, just as my life on Earth.
I was reluctant to stay. All I wanted was to pay off Carface, revenge, that was all I wanted. Anabelle tried to show me the true wonder of being in Heaven, but I didn't listen. I tricked her, and came back by winding up the clock of my life, without considering the cost. I could never return to Heaven. I was condemed.
Well, I was back on Earth with my clock, and started to look for a way to avenge my murder. Then, infiltrating Carface's place, I found the source of his wealth. A little girl, named Anne Marrie. I remember her clearly. Her rosy cheeks, little dress, and dark hair. Well, she was no ordinary girl, she had the ability to talk to animals. She spoke to rats and horses and every other animal. Carface used her to win the rat races, commanding her to find out who would win at which particular race. At that moment, I came up with a plan. I took the girl away, and took her to the horse races. I won a lot of money, but I lied to her saying that the money would be to help the poor, like Robin Hood. Instead, I used the money to make myself my own casino. Well, there I was, I was a dirty liar, rolling in money, breaking a poor little girl's dreams."

Charlie paused. Large tears streamed down his cheeks, and no matter how hard he tried to hold them, he couldn't. Sasha hugged him and nuzzled him, feeling deeply sorry for him.
"Why?",sobbed Charlie",Why did I do such horrible things? Why did I have to be so selfish? Why does it have to be this way, instead of cherishing my past life, I fear it and am ashamed to let you know about it? Why?"
"Oh, Charlie",said Sasha trying to consolate him",we all make mistakes. I was greatly mistaken about many things, and especially about you. But we learn, and we help each other live on."

Sasha wiped a tear from Charlie's cheek, and hugged him.
"You had no parents, no one to guide you. Nobody loved you, Charlie",said Sasha",and life is very hard when nobody loves you."

Charlie calmed down a bit.
"Well",said Charlie, still crying a little",I must go on with the story."

Sasha listened to the rest of it.

"To show Anne Marrie that I wasn't bad, I took her to a place where there were really poor dogs. I bought some pizzas and delivered them to those people. They were a lot of little orphaned puppies, and a female collie named Florence. She was my close friend, and I called her Flo. I still miss her very much. She was so kind, so sweet. I wish I could see her again, at least one more time.
Well, Anne Marrie was happy to see that I helped them out. But this happiness wouldn't last.
It wasn't long until Carface found out I was alive, and he was determined to get rid of me again. Anne Marrie was dangerously ill one night, and Carface kidnapped her and lured me into his trap, which was an old wrecked ship just off the coast. It was flooded at the bottom. Carface tried to kill me again, but he failed. In the fight, Anne Marrie almost perished because she fell into the water, too weak to swim. I dived in to save her, but my watch fell. I had to choose between saving my own life or hers. I saved hers. I died.
Later on, I came to visit her for the last time. I was condemed to Hell. Sasha, I'm so ashamed to tell you this, but it's true. I was condemed to go to Hell.
Just then, Anabelle came back, and told me to return to Heaven. She said that I had given my life for another person, and deserved to go back to Heaven. I said good bye to Anne Marrie. And I went with Anabelle, back home.
Time passed, and although it was nice in Heaven, I was not totally happy. I needed something, I felt a great necessity for something that I didn't understand myself, and not understanding my own lacks was what tormented me more and more. I had no one to share my feelings with, or my happiness or my sadness. I felt very lonely. Then, the chance to return to Earth was given to me, and I returned. There, I found what I needed. I saw you singing, but you couldn't see me because I was in an ethereal state, I was a ghost. Later on, when I finally found out how to become a flesh and bone being again, well, you know all that. But still, I was such an idiot, there were still traces of my past life in me, and I acted so stupidly with you. But, you helped me see the truth when I saw David, and saw that he needed to return home. You helped me awaken, and I saw the true meaning of my life. But, how could you ever see what I felt about all my faults? You were so kind, so sweet and lovely; and I was so full of empty feelings, full of past sins, so misguided? I felt that I have failed with everyone. I failed with Heaven, with my old friend Itchy, with David, and you. Could I ever mend such a great mistake? Would I ever find someone who understood how I felt? Would anyone ever love me? I didn't know."

"And that's the whole story",he concluded.
Charlie was still crying. He felt ashamed and humiliated, but he had told Sasha everything. He glanced at Sasha, and discovered that her eyes were wet too.
"Oh, Charlie",said Sasha, full of sympathy",I never imagined that you suffered so much."
"Sasha",said Charlie",I'm sorry for everything I did. I'm sorry for being so selfish and mean all this time. I'm sorry for being so arrogant and vulgar. I...I'm so ashamed...I..."

Charlie started to cry again. He wept bitterly. He felt sure that Sasha would be dissapointed in him, after hearing all the bad things that he did in the past.
Sasha read his thoughts as he had done before with her. She had never seen Charlie cry like this before, she felt so sorry for him. She hugged him and wiped his tears.
"Charlie",said Sasha softly",I'm feel so sorry for all the things you have passed. Now I realise many things that I didn't before. And, I'm sorry I was so hard on you all this time. I was so rude, and I spoke so unkindly at you, I deeply regret it now. But, it's all over. And I'll help you in all I can to make your life happy from now on".

Charlie looked at Sasha with his damp eyes.
"You mean, you're not mad at me for all I did?",asked Charlie.
"Of course not, Charlie",said Sasha, smiling at him",Now I know more about you; and I want to live with you forever. I never felt this way for anyone else before. You're an angel, Charlie, and more than that, you are a guardian angel. You are very special. You are the light of my life. And, I want to make you a promise."
"A promise?",asked Charlie.
"Yes",said Sasha, holding his big paw tightly in both of hers",I promise you that I will always be here to help you and support you. I will always confort your sorrows, and share your happiness. And, I will always love you, Charlie. Always".

Charlie smiled behind his tears. Sasha truly loved him. She looked into his big black eyes, and smiled. Her smile seemed to cast away all Charlie's fears and sorrows. She had misunderstood him at one time, but that was all over, and now she adored him very dearly. Charlie smiled in return, it was a smile that made Sasha's heart feel cozy, and made her cheeks feel warm.
"Thank you Sasha",said Charlie",I...I promise the same".

Charlie and Sasha just looked at each other. Charlie couldn't hold himself any longer. He burst into tears of both sadness and happiness. Sasha hugged him, and kissed his cheek, crying a little herself.
Charlie cried like a lost child on Sasha's shoulder, but it made him feel better. He had finally found someone who truly loved him for who he was. Someone who would confort him when he was sad, and laugh with him when he was happy. Sasha meant everything to him, she was the most special person in his life. He wanted to tell Sasha exactly what he felt like, but he couldn't find words. Only one thing came into his mind. Only one thing, it was exactly what he felt. How he felt.

"I love you, Sasha",Charlie said, meaning it right from the bottom of his heart.

Sasha smiled sweetly.
"I love you too, Charlie",she answered.

And there they were, hugging each other, promising to support and love each other, forever.
The sun rose, and the first lights shone directly on Sasha and Charlie.
Beautiful colors swirled around them, giving them a touch of Heaven itself.
Charlie and Sasha looked at each other in the eyes and smiled sweetly. Then, feeling enormously happy, they closed their eyes, and kissed.
Their lips came together with great affection. It was the seal of the great compromise they had just made. The sun's lights dyed them with heavenly colors. It was the most beautiful moment for both of them, and they would treasure it forever.

After a while, Charlie and Sasha sat up again. They held paws and looked at each other lovingly. Charlie's tears had ceased to drip, and now only sheer happiness remained. Sasha went a little rosy in the cheeks, but she didn't need to hide it.
"Sasha",said Charlie",Anabelle gave me another chance to live, and I want to live a new life, I want to be a good person from now on. I want to be honest and kind, and help people that need me. I promise I won't make the same mistakes I made back then. It won't be easy, but I have someone to help me."

Sasha smiled beautifully.
"You are a good person, Charlie",said Sasha, holding his paw",and you will always have me here for you. I love you, and, I will always be with you."

They smiled and snuggled closely, looking off into the distance, into their thoughts. Suddenly, they heard David calling.
"Charlie, Sasha",called David",breakfast is ready."
"Well",said Sasha",I guess we'd better get inside."
They got up, and walked towards the door. Charlie held the door open for Sasha.
"After you",said Charlie with a smile.

Sasha nuzzled his nose with her own, and went in. Charlie followed, closing the door behind him. Charlie and Sasha snuggled closely as they went to the kitchen where David was waiting.

No matter what happens, Charlie and Sasha will always be together, they will live on, in each other's company.

In each other's love.

                              The End